Welcome to Teignmouth Methodist Church

Teignmouth Methodist Church


Somerset Place, Teignmouth TQ14 8EN

Lay Minister Sharon Hurlow

Sunday Morning Service: 10.30 am

Our next service will be Sunday 1st November at 10.30a.m. (This will be a Zoom and a Church Service) The Preacher will be Mr. John Harrison

If a service takes place within the Church then the following rules must apply

Due to the Corona Virus there are very strict rules we must adhere to with regard to the our use of the Church. We have set out below some guidelines to help you:
The Church will open 15 minutes before the start and you will have to leave immediately after the end of the Service. Any conversations will have to take place after you have left the Church.


On entering the vestibule you will be asked your name and telephone number for Track and Trace purposes.
Please do not use the small cloakroom, all coats and bags must be taken into Church. Please do not touch any handles or doors on the way in.
Please use the SANITISER provided on a table just inside the Church.


USE OF THE PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM – the person responsible for working this System must clean all knobs, buttons and plugs after use with sanitising spray.

After the use of the microphones and microphone stand both must be sanitised before being used by another person wishing to speak.

Social distancing – Alternate pews have been taped off with yellow and black tape.
These pews must not be used. Two people may sit together if they are from the same household, or have travelled in the same car, otherwise only three persons per pew socially distanced.

We are not able to have any singing or handshaking or hugging.

Please follow the markers on the floor keeping one metre apart.
Enter down the centre aisle and leave by the side aisles and using social distancing leave by the main door. If you have difficulty walking you may leave by the centre aisle.

If you wish to use the TOILET only the disabled toilet will be available, exit the Church by the door next to the organ. The doorway into the toilet corridor will have a rope across it. Anyone wishing to use the disabled toilet should unclip the rope on one side leaving it down signifying that the toilet is in use. On re-entering the Church the rope should be clipped back across the doorway again.
Please use the SANITISER provided on a table outside the toilet before you enter the toilet.
Please wipe the toilet and sanitise the washbasin and taps with the sanitiser and cloths provided and dispose of this in the bin provided.
Please wash your hands before leaving the toilet. Further sanitiser will be available outside of the toilet door.

Thank you so much for your co-operation in all of these matters and we look forwardto welcoming you to our Sunday Service.

We consider our Church to be a very friendly and supportive one, and we have a strong pastoral care system, with our pastoral visitors attempting to create and strengthen the bonds of love that bind the Church.

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Other Activities 
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History of the Church
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Hall Bookings  As our Church is in the centre of town, we are able to offer our premises to the wider community; The hall may be booked for community activities not in conflict with our Christian Beliefs. For further information use our contact page